Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), to Canada
From 18 March 2020 foreign nationals from all countries are barred from entering Canada. There is still a possibility to apply for an eTA since its validity lasts for 5 years or until the passport expires.

Apply for your eTA in 3 easy steps!

Apply online
Make an online payment
Check your email
Fill out the application with the required information from your passport
Payment methods:
After payment is confirmed, your eTA will be sent to the email you provided on your application

Advantages of processing your eTA application with our agency

Services Government gotocanada.express
Online application available 24/7/365
24/7/365 email support and assistance from eTA experts
Phone support 7 days a week
Review of application by eTA experts before submission to the government
Correction of missing/incorrect information by visa experts
Verification/validation of additional information by visa experts
Simplified application process
Privacy protection and a secure form
SMS when delivery fails. The applicant will receive a text message notification if email delivery of the approved eTA fails
Recovery of your eTA via email in the event that the original is lost or misplaced
Multiple methods of payment used worldwide

Canadian eTA Visa Service

An eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an entry necessity for all foreigners from eligible countries who are entering Canada by air. Travelers require an eTA visa to transit through or fly to a Canadian airport. This means that a traveler does not need an eTA if he/she arrives by boat, train, bus or car. An eTA is connected to the traveler's passport electronically. It lasts for 5 years or till the passport expires, whichever comes first. This means that if you happen to receive a new passport, then you must get a new eTA. Once you get your eTA, you can visit Canada any time you wish during the five years that it remains valid. Please note that entry into Canada is at the discretion of border officials. An electronic travel authorization is not a guarantee of entry into Canada. When you arrive at the airport, you must provide your passport and any other documents necessary to prove eligibility for entrance into Canada. For instance, a lawful permanent resident of the United States must provide a valid Green Card in order to demonstrate eligibility.

About Our Canadian eTA Application Service

We offer several processing services, as well as a premium submission option for both corporate and private clients and consumers. One of these services is the application of Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for travel to and through Canada. Once you submit your application, our experts will review it to make sure it is error-free and that no necessary information has been omitted. With other eTA application methods, your application might be delayed or rejected if you make even a small mistake. But at gotocanada.express, we always accept corrections and additions to applications at no extra charge, minimizing time and expense for every application. Once your eTA has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email containing your application ID. In most cases, the confirmation email is sent on the same day that the application is made (with rare exceptions.) As soon as the government finishes processing the application, we will send you an email with your approved eTA and individual eTA number. If you happen to misplace your eTA, feel free to contact us and we will send you a recovery email. Should you have questions, our customer support is always ready to answer them. Some of our applicants forget to apply for their travel authorization or correct visa until shortly before their departure. Luckily, we are almost always able to assist them.

Canadian eTA Visa Requirements

The process of applying for an eTA visa is straightforward and simple. There are just 3 steps that travelers should be familiar with before applying. The 3 requirements are as follows:

1. A Valid Passport

In order to apply for an eTA visa, you must have a valid passport from an eligible country. Examples of eligible countries include New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, among others. If you are a national from any of those countries, you will be required to supply your passport number in order to get an eTA. Note that if you attempt to substitute any other travel document for your passport on the application form, your application will be rejected.

2. An Acceptable Method Of Payment

After completing and submitting your online form, you need to pay the application fee. You can use either your debit or credit card to pay. Please note that the application fee is nonrefundable. The following methods of payment are accepted: debit cards (including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard); credit cards (including American Express, MasterCard and Visa); Interac, and JCB Card.

3. A Valid Email Address

The third requirement for all eTA applications is a valid email address. All information related to your application and approved eTA will be sent to the email address that you provide on your application. For example, you will get a confirmation email when your eTA application request is successfully submitted. If the Canadian immigration authority needs additional documents, they will contact you by email. When the Canadian government approves your electronic travel authorization, they will notify you by email. If you meet the 3 requirements listed above, you may proceed with the eTA application process.

How to Apply for Canadian eTA Visa Online

Since August 2015, the Canadian government has required that every traveler entering Canada by air for any purpose, including business visits, transit, or tourism, must have an eTA. Failure to get this electronic travel authorization will result in the prevention of the traveler’s entry into Canada, as well as serious fines to the traveler from the Canadian immigration authority. Every traveler who wishes to enter Canada by air should apply for an eTA as soon as possible. Here is how to apply for a Canadian eTA online:

Step 1

Have your passport and debit/credit card ready. Visit our website and click on the eTA “Apply” button. Familiarize yourself with our informational materials before you start filling in your details.

Step 2

Use our online application form to apply. Please note that you cannot save the form. Therefore, you should have all your important details ready in order to reduce the possibility of interruption once you have begun the application process. If you would like to submit applications for more than one traveler, please ensure you complete each application individually. For example, for a family of four, you will have to fill out and submit four separate applications.

Step 3

Select your desired payment method in order to complete the application process.

Step 4

Most customers receive a confirmation email with their eTA application details and an application number within 15 minutes.

Step 5

It is possible that the Canadian immigration authority will need additional information from you before your application can be approved. In such cases, applicants may receive email requests from the Canadian government explaining what additional information is needed, as well as how to provide it.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Online Canadian eTA Visa Service

There are many advantages to using our online Canadian eTA visa service as opposed to a traditional paper-based service. You will enjoy benefits such as:
  • We review data in detail before submitting your application to the Canadian government
  • If you make a mistake when applying, we will correct the mistake and submit the application again at no extra charge
  • You will receive auto-updates on your eTA application status by email
  • Track the processing of your eTA online in real-time
  • In the event that you somehow misplace your eTA, we will send you a recovery email
  • You have free access to the full extent of our eTA services during the 5 years that your approved eTA remains valid
  • During the five years that your eTA remains valid, we offer eTA recovery services in the event that the approved applicant’s physical or digital copy becomes lost
  • 24/7 customer service and support from eTA visa experts
  • Unlimited access to our FAQ

eTA: Essential for Travel to Canada

Before 2015, foreign nationals were not pre-screened before entering or transiting through Canada. Since then, however, the government of Canada has made the eTA a necessity for every foreign national from an eligible country who wishes to enter into or transit through the country by air. The major goal behind the Canadian eTA is to make it easier for eligible people to travel: travelers can apply online and bypass long lines and complicated paperwork. Additionally, the eTA program allows Canada to fulfill their mission for better border security. Please note that even with an approved eTA, all entry to Canada occurs at the discretion of border officials. Our services make the application process quick and easy. After you complete your application and pay online, you can expect your confirmation number within just a few hours.

This site is not affiliated with any government body. We manage the entire application process on your behalf, assisting you to navigate through the complicated requirements. Fees will vary in relation to destination and the complexity of your application. Our service fees may be additional and separate to any government/consular fees due to the relevant embassy. If you don't want to use our service you can file an application for e-visa through the official government website.